How to Install AWS CLI on Linux

How to Install AWS CLI on Linux

Install AWS CLI on Unix/Linux ubuntu; Through this tutorial, we will learn how to install aws amazon cli n Unix/Linux ubuntu system.

How to Install AWS CLI on Linux

Use the following steps to install and configure AWS CLI on Unix/Linux system:

  • Installing the AWS CLI
  • Generate Access Keys
  • Configure AWS CLI
  • Working with AWS CLI Tools

Installing the AWS CLI

AWS CLI tools package are available under the default repositories. You can use the package manager for installing AWS CLI on Linux systems.

Choose one of the following command to install:

  • Ubuntu and Debian Systems
    • sudo apt install awscli
  • Fedora and CentOS 8
    • sudo dnf install awscli
  • CentOS 7 and Scientific Linux
    • sudo yum install awscli
  • Other the the package manager, you can directly install using source code. This will install the latest awscli version on any Linux platform.
    • curl "" -o ""
    • unzip
    • sudo ./aws/install

Generate Access Keys

Generate the Access Key an Secrete Access Key from AWS Account using the following steps:

  • Head to AWS Security Credentials.
  • Expand option Access keys (access key ID and secret access key)
  • Click the button Create New Access Key
  • Copy the access key ID and secret access key and save to safe place

Configure AWS CLI

Then configure the CLI tools to connect with AWS account. So, execute the following command to set up the environment.

aws configure 

This will prompt for for AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key created in above step.

AWS Secret Access Key [None]: 3SDFskjf8KDfjksdf9sdfjsdkfjkKSDKSJFKD
Default region name [None]: us-east-1
Default output format [None]:

Working with AWS CLI Tools

AWS CLI tools provide your option to manage multiple service via the command line. To get the help about uses type:

aws help 

Here is the few example commands to work with aws cli:

  • List all the instances
    • aws ec2 describe-instances
  • List instances from other zone
    • aws ec2 describe-instances --region=us-west-1
  • List S3 buckets
    • aws s3 list


In this tutorial, we have learned to install AWS CLI tools on Unix/Linux systems. Also with some basic examples for uses.

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