Laravel Check Old Password and Updating a New Password

Laravel updates a new password using the old password in laravel. These tutorials demonstrate to you, how you can easily update the new password with validation old password.

Here you will learn, how to validate input fields like old password, new password and confirm password using laravel validation rules.

Laravel change password old password validation

In this example, this below function accepts three parameters like old password, new password and confirm password. If you entered the wrong password this function returns back with your laravel route.

public function updatePassword(Request $request)
    $this->validate($request, [
        'old_password'     => 'required',
        'new_password'     => 'required|min:6',
        'confirm_password' => 'required|same:new_password',

    $data = $request->all();
    $user = User::find(auth()->user()->id);

    if(!\Hash::check($data['old_password'], $user->password)){

         return back()->with('error','You have entered wrong password');


       here you will write password update code



Here, you have learned how you can change the password with your old password validation.

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