Laravel whereNotBetween Query Example

Laravel whereNotBetween Query Example

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the whereNotBetween eloquent query for leaving data from between two id & dates and get all the data from MySQL DB in laravel.

Suppose, if you fetch some data from database in laravel and you may want to leave some data between two column values. In that case you can use laravel eloquent whereNotBetween cluase.

In other words, all the records except the given column value get gate by using laravel whereNotBetween() clause.

Here are some examples of whereNotBetween eloquent methods, see the following examples:

Example 1: whereNotBetween query With Ids

Sometimes, you may want to leave some records from db table and then get some records from between database columns, you can use the following query:

$users = User::whereNotBetween('id', [1, 50])->get();

This laravel whereNotBetween() eloquent query fetches all records from the users table and leave data between given id 1 to 50 from users table.

Example 2: Laravel Eloquent whereNotBetween Dates

If you may want to get all records from database and leave some record between two dates, you can pass the start date and end date in this query as well as pass the column name.

Consider the following example:

$users = User::->whereNotBetween('created_at', [start_date, end_date])->get();

This laravel whereNotBetween eloquent query get all records from database table. But it leaves records between given start date to end date from MySQL DB.


In this laravel where not between query example, you have learned how to use laravel where not between eloquent method for building a query with eloquent model and query builder in laravel apps.

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