MySQL – TIME_TO_SEC() Function – Examples

MySQL – TIME_TO_SEC() Function – Examples

MySQL – TIME_TO_SEC() function. In this tutorial, we would love to share with you how to use TIME_TO_SEC() function with example. Also, we will explain TIME_TO_SEC() function definition, syntax, and various examples.

MySQL TIME_TO_SEC() function

Definition:- The TIME_TO_SEC() function is pre-built MySQL function, which is used to convert / change given time value into seconds value.



Parameters of time_to_sec() function

timeIt accept single parameters and required. This is a time value.

Example 1 – Basic Usage

Here, we will take an example to demonstrate. This example convert a given time to second value.

SELECT TIME_TO_SEC('00:05:00');

The output of the above query is the following:

 | TIME_TO_SEC('00:05:00') |
 |                     300 |

In the above example, we have used the %r format specifier, which is used to formats the time value in 12-hour (hh:mm:ss with AM or PM).

Example 2 – With Hour Value

Here’s, take the next example. Now we will convert hours value to second value using time_to_sec() function:

SELECT TIME_TO_SEC('01:00:00');

The output of the above query is the following:

 | TIME_TO_SEC('01:00:00') |
 |                    3600 |

Example 3 – Current Time to Second

Here, take a next example with current time. We will convert current time to seconds. You can see the example below:

   CURTIME() AS 'CurrentTime',
   TIME_TO_SEC(CURTIME()) AS 'Seconds';

The output of the above query is the following:

 | CurrentTime | Seconds  |
 | 08:22:25     |   30145 |

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