Python Program to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase

Python Program to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase

Python program to convert all string, letters or characters uppercase to lowercase; In this tutorial you learn how to convert python strings (all letters) uppercase to lowercase.

How to convert uppercase to lowercase in python?

You can use python built-in method name str.lower(), which converts all uppercase string characters/letters to lowercase in python.

In this post, also you will learn what is the syntax of, what parameter accepts lower() method, and what is the return value of lower() method in python, etc.

Python has many built-in functions/methods for manipulation with strings, which you can check here (python string methods).

1: Convert uppercase to lowecase in python with using the function

You can use the Python string method/function that name lower(), This method converts all letters or characters of string uppercase to lowercase.

The syntax of lower() method is:


String lower() Parameters()

The lower() method doesn’t take any parameters.

Return value from String lower()

The lower() method returns the lowercased string from the given string. It converts all uppercase characters to lowercase.

Example 1: write a program to convert all uppercase to lowercase characters in python

# example string

#this is first example of convert string uppercase to lowercase string

The output of above python program is:

this is first example of convert string uppercase to lowercase string

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