Python Program to Find The Net Bill Amount After Discount

Program to calculate discount in python; Through this tutorial, you will learn how to calculate/find discount after net bill in python program.

Python program to calculate the final bill amount to be paid by a customer

Let’s follow the following algorithm to write a program to calculate discounts in python:

  • Take input net amount by using python input() function.
  • Calculate or find final bill amount to be paid by a customer using if elif else statement.
  • End of the program print the amount to be paid by a customer.
# input net amount
amt = int(input("Enter Amount: "))

# calculate amount with discount
    if amt<=5000:
       disc = amt*0.10
    elif amt<=15000:
    elif amt<=25000:
        disc=0.20 * amt
         disc=0.5 * amt

    print("Discount Amount : ",disc)
    print("To be paid by Customer : ",amt-disc)
    print("Invalid Amount")


Enter Amount:  10000
Discount Amount :  1500.0
To be paid by Customer :  8500.0

Take Input amount from user by using python input() function and calculate the discount using the if elif else statement based on the input amount, and at the last of this program print the final net amount to be paid by customer.

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