Python Program to Reverse String Using Stack

Python Program to Reverse String Using Stack

Reverse a string using stack in python; In this python post, You will learn how to reverse a string using stack in python.

While you implement this program, you need to know the inserted/push or removed/pop element in the stack. This feature helps in the smooth execution of this program.

Stack To Reverse String Using Python

  • Python Program to Reverse a String using Stack

Python Program to Reverse a String using Stack

Follow below-given steps for write a program to reverse a string using stack in Python:

  • Allow user to the input string in program.
  • Read string from left to right.
  • Push each element/character in stack.
  • Once the string reading is done.
  • Pop each character one by one and put them back to the string.
  • Once the stack is empty return the result in string form.
  • Print the result
class  Stack_to_reverse  :
    # Creates  an  empty  stack.
    def	__init__(  self  ):
        self.items  =  list()

    #Returns  True  if  the  stack  is  empty  or  False  otherwise.
    def  isEmpty(  self  ):
            return True
            return False

    # Removes  and  returns  the  top  item  on  the  stack.
    def  pop(  self  ):
        if  self.isEmpty():
            print("Stack is empty")
            return self.items.pop()

    # Push  an  item  onto  the  top  of  the  stack.
    def  push(  self,  item  ):

    def reverse(self,string):
        n = len(string)

 # Push all characters of string to stack
        for i in range(0,n):

 # Making the string empty since all characters are saved in stack

 # Pop all characters of string and put them back to string

        for i in range(0,n):
        return string

seq=input("Enter a string to be reversed")
sequence = S.reverse(seq)
print("Reversed string is " + sequence)

After executing the program, the output will be:

Enter a string to be reversed hello
Reversed string is olleh

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