MySQL: SEC_TO_TIME Function with Examples

MySQL: SEC_TO_TIME Function with Examples

Here, we will demonstrate how to works the sec_to_time() function of MySQL and how to use this function with various examples.

MySQL SEC_TO_TIME() Function

The Mysql SEC_TO_TIME () function is used to create time values ​​based on a given second.

Note: Basically, you provide a number of seconds as an argument, and it will change it to a time value.


The syntax of sec_to_time() function is:


Hereseconds is the number of seconds you want to be converted to a time value.

List of Examples –

Let’s take at some MySQL SEC_TO_TIME function examples and find out how to use the SEC_TO_TIME function.


Let’s take a simple and basic example of this function is:



| SEC_TO_TIME(100) |
| 00:01:40         |


Here, We take an example with the large value:



| SEC_TO_TIME(7555) |
|  02:05:55         |


Take an example of using the SEC_TO_TIME () function in a numerical context.

    SEC_TO_TIME(4555) + 0;


| SEC_TO_TIME(4555) | SEC_TO_TIME(4555) + 0 |
| 01:15:55          |                 115555|


Here, you have learned how to use SEC_TO_TIME() function with various examples.

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