Top 12 Array Functions In PHP

Top 12 PHP Array Functions – Today we would love to share with you most commonly useful php array functions.We will develope anything using php we need to know very common php array functions. As we will discuss below php array functions is useful, very easy and simple.

Array is collection of similar datatype values. One array can contain set diffrent of values. Three type of array are available first is indexed, associative, and multidimensional arrays in PHP.

PHP Intro

Now the new version of php is 7.3 launch with many features and bugs improvent(fixed). PHP is most popular progmming lanugage in world. PHP is know as Hypertext Preprocessor. The initiative was the name person home page. Most websites and web apps are developed. It is a server side scripting language. PHP script is excute only server side. It is used to develop Static websites pages or Dynamic websites pages or Web applications

PHP latest version 7.3 new features like :

Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc Syntax
PCRE2 Migration
Multiple MBString Improvements
LDAP Controls Support
Improved FPM Logging
Windows File Deletion Improvements
Several Deprecations


This is simple array function.

echo "I like " . $mobile[0] . ", " . $mobile[1] . " & " . $mobile[2] . ".";

Array Unique

As the name suggest array unique function is remove duplicate value in an array.


Array Difference

This array_diff () function is used know difference between two or more arrays.


Array Merge

Array_merge() is used to merge two or more array to one array


Array Random

This function is used to generate random keys from array.

echo $a[$random_keys[0]]."<br>";
echo $a[$random_keys[1]]."<br>";
echo $a[$random_keys[2]]."<br>";
echo $a[$random_keys[3]];

Array Replace

array_replace() function is used to replace the value of arrays.


Array Reverse

This Array reserse function is reverse the order of array.


Array Search

This function is used to search a value in array.

echo array_search("red",$a);

Array Sum

Array_sum function is used to sum of all value in array.

echo array_sum($a);

Array Chunk

This array chunk function is mostly used to split an array to chunks.


Array Pop

The Array Pop function used to remove element of array.


Array Push

The Array Push function used to add new element of array.



Today we have discussed php array functions.

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