C Program to Find ncr

C program to find ncr; Through this tutorial, we will learn how to find ncr in c program.

In mathematics, combination or nCr, is the method of selection of ‘r’ objects from a set of ‘n’ objects where the order of selection does not matter.

nCr = n!/[r!(n-r)!]

C Program to Find ncr

// C program to calculate the value of nCr

#include <stdio.h>

int getFactorial(int num)
    int f = 1;
    int i = 0;

    if (num == 0)
        return 1;

    for (i = 1; i <= num; i++)
        f = f * i;

    return f;

int main()
    int n = 0;
    int r = 0;

    int nCr = 0;

    printf("Enter the value of N: ");
    scanf("%d", &n);

    printf("Enter the value of R: ");
    scanf("%d", &r);

    nCr = getFactorial(n) / (getFactorial(r) * getFactorial(n - r));

    printf("The nCr is: %d\n", nCr);

    return 0;

The output of the above c program; as follows:

Enter the value of N: 7
Enter the value of R: 3
The nCr is: 35

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