Python Accept List as a input From User

Python Accept List as a input From User

To take input in list from user in python; In this python article, we would share with you how to declare a list, input elements, append the elements in the list, and ultimately, print the list in python.

When you create this program in Python, you will need Python’s functions like, list.append() function, input() function, for loop with range() function.

Python Program to Take Input in List from User

Use the following steps to write a python program to take list as input and create a list from user input:

  • First of all, declare a list in python.
  • Take Input a limit of the list from the user.
  • Use for loop to take a single input number from the user.
  • Use list.append() to add elements in python list.
  • Print the list using for loop.
# Python Program to input, append and print the list elements
# declare a list
myList = []

# take number from user, how many element in list
n = int (input ("How many element in list :- "))

# append element into list using list.append
for i in range (n) :
	storeElement = int (input ("Enter an integer num :- "))
	myList.append (storeElement)

# print all elements
print("Input list elements are: ")
for i in range (n) :
	print(myList [i])

After executing a the program, the output will be:

How many element in list :-  4
Enter an integer num :-  1
Enter an integer num :-  2
Enter an integer num :-  3
Enter an integer num :-  4
Input list elements are: 

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