How to Install Atom Text Editor in Windows 10/11

How to Install Atom Text Editor in Windows 10/11

How to install atom text editor in windows 11/10 system. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install atom text editor on windows 11/10 system using .exe file.

This guide shows simple and easy way for installing Atom on windows 11/10 64 bit version system. Using this guide you will install atom 1.56.0 version with the windows 64-bit version.

How to Install Atom Text Editor in Windows 11/10

Follow the following steps and install Atom text editor in windows 10:

Step 1 – Download Atom Text Editor .exe File

First of all check your windows bit version and click on the given below link to download atom text editor exe file:

  • For 32-bit = AtomSetup.exe
  • For 64-bit = AtomSetup-x64.exe

You can visit the following link and download the latest atom text version .exe file: Atom latest release page.

At the time of writing the latest stable Atom release was version: 1.56.0

Please wait while the file is complete download.

Step 2 – Install Atom In Windows

In this step, Open the location of the downloaded atom steup file.

Double-click it to run the installer.

On Windows 10 a pop-up window will appear: The app you're trying to install isn't a verified app from the Store

Click on Install anyway.

The installer will open and start the setup.

The setup program will install Atom, add the atom and apm commands to your Windows PATH variable. It will also create shortcuts on your desktop and in the start menu.

Once the installation is complete, Atom text editor will launch.

Step 3 – Use Atom Text Editor

To start and use Atom text editor, so double-click on the atom text editor icon. Which is on the desktop shortcut.

The Welcome Guide editor should now open as shown below.

Note that, The easiest way is to install Atom on windows 10 64 bit version.


This tutorial has been shown you how to install Atom text editor on windows 11/10 64 bit version. To learn more about how to use Atom, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, visit their official documentation page.

That’s it. Atom text editor has been download on your windows 10 64 bit version.


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