MySQL DATEDIFF: Calculate Days Between Two Dates

MySQL DATEDIFF: Calculate Days Between Two Dates

In this tutorial, We will discuss how to use the MySQL DATEDIFF function with different examples. In this article we will provide diffrent diffrent types of examples of the MySQL datediff.


Basically the MySQL DATEDIFF function gives the difference between days between two date values.


The MySQL DATEDIFF syntax is:

DATEDIFF( date1, date2 )


  • date1 A date/datetime value
  • date2 A date/datetime value
Let’s take some MySQL DATEDIFF examples

The MySQL DATEDIFF is useful in many cases. For example, you can calculate an interval in those days that customers need to ship the products.


When used with date values, only the date part is used to compare the date.

SELECT DATEDIFF('2019-10-10', '2019-02-15');

Output: 237


When used with datatime values, only the date part is used to compare the date.

SELECT DATEDIFF('2019-5-10 11:41:14', '2019-02-15 12:10:08');

Output: 84


Compare datetime and date values.

SELECT DATEDIFF('2019-4-10 11:41:14', '2019-02-15');

Output: 54

Must Know Date/Time Functions

List Of MySQL Date/Time Functions


 Two more exmaple with dates

 mysql> SELECT DATEDIFF('2019-10-25', '2019-10-10');
 Output: 15

 mysql> SELECT DATEDIFF('2019-12-10', '2019-10-31');
 Output: 40


The date should not be later than the second date on the first date. You can use the earlier date for the first argument and it will return a negative value.

 SELECT DATEDIFF('2018-12-31', '2019-10-10');

 Output: -283


Here’s an example of using DATEDIFF() in a database query.

To calculate the number of days between created_at and updated_at of the users table, you use the DATEDIFF function as follows:

     DATEDIFF(created_at, updated_at) daysDiff
 ORDER BY daysDiff DESC;


In this tutorial, you have learned how to use MySQL DATEDIFF function to calculate the number of days between two date values.

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