TIMEDIFF() Function Examples – MySQL

TIMEDIFF() Function Examples – MySQL

Here, we will demonstrate how to works the timediff() function of MySQL and how to use this function with various examples.

We will take the following examples on

  • how to get the difference between two timestamps in seconds MySQL?
  • MySQL: convert timediff() to seconds using the MySQL database table.


In MySQL, the TIMEDIFF () function is used to return the difference between two time or DateTime components.

Note: TIMEDIFF () requires two arguments for comparison, and TIMEDIFF () subtracts the second argument from the first, then returns the result as the time value.


The syntax goes like this:


Here, agr1 and agr2 are the two values to compare. The return value is agr2 subtracted from agr1 .


Let’s take the first simple and basic example of this function:

SELECT TIMEDIFF('09:45:35', '07:15:15');


| TIMEDIFF('09:45:35', '07:15:15') |
|  02:30:20                        |


The time value can represent the time elapsed, so it is not limited to less than 24 hours.

SELECT TIMEDIFF('350:40:10', '11:35:25');


| TIMEDIFF('350:40:10', '11:35:25') |
|  339:04:45                        |


Let’s take the next example, suppose that the second value is larger than first value, you will get a negative value for the difference in time. It is completely legitimate.

SELECT TIMEDIFF('10:35:25', '350:40:10');


| TIMEDIFF('10:35:25', '350:40:10') |
|  -339:04:45                       |


Now we take another example of MySQL timediff() function with DateTime values

SELECT TIMEDIFF('2020-04-01 11:45:25', '2020-02-01 11:25:25');


| TIMEDIFF('2020-04-01 11:45:25', '2020-02-01 11:25:25') |
| 838:59:59                                              |

Note: that both the arguments must be of the same type.


how to get the difference between two timestamps in seconds MySQL?

Use the below MySQL query for getting the difference :

SELECT TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF('2019-08-20 12:01:00', '2019-08-20 12:00:00')) diff;


| diff |
|   60 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


MySQL: convert timediff() to seconds using the MySQL database table.

Use the below query for mysql database table.

SELECT TIME_TO_SEC(timediff(time_end, time_begin)) from table_name


Here, you have learned how to use MySQL timediff() function with various examples.

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