Python Program Examples

Python Program Examples

Python Programming Examples

Here, we would like to share with you Python programs. All the programs are tested and shared along with the output. Happy learning Python programming 🙂

Simple Python Programs

  1. Python Program to Add Two Numbers
  2. Python Program to Find/Calculate Sum of n Numbers
  3. Python Program to Find/Calculate Average of 3, 4, 5…n numbers
  4. Python Program to Print ASCII Value of Character
  5. Write a Program to Calculate Simple Interest in Python
  6. Python Program to Compute Compound Interest
  7. Leap Year Program in Python
  8. Python Program to Print Star Pattern
  9. Number Pattern Programs in Python
  10. Python Program to Print Even and Odd numbers From 1 to N
  11. Python Abs() Function: For Absolute Value
  12. How to Check Whether a Number is Fibonacci or Not in Python
  13. Python: Program to Find Power of Number
  14. Python Program to Reverse a Numbers
  15. Python Program to Find Smallest/Minimum of n Numbers
  16. Python Program to Find Largest/Maximum of n Numbers
  17. Python Program to Find The Net Bill Amount After Discount
  18. Python Program to Print Numbers From N to 1 and 1 to N
  19. Python Program to Print Numbers Divisible by 3, 5, 7
  20. Python Program to Print Prime Number 1 to N
  21. How to Find Square of Number in Python
  22. Python Program to Calculate Cube of Number
  23. Python Program to Find LCM of Two Numbers
  24. BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator in Python
  25. Palindrome Program in Python using while loop, Function, etc
  26. Python: Program to Count Total Number of Bits in Number
  27. Python Random Number Generator Code
  28. Python Program to Calculate n-th term of a Fibonacci Series
  29. Zip Zap Zoom Python Program
  30. Python: program to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  31. Python Program to Swap Two Numbers
  32. Python Program to Get Standard Deviation
  33. Python Program to Find the Variance
  34. Python Program to Convert Height in cm to Feet and Inches
  35. Python Program to Convert Meters into Yards, Yards into Meters
  36. Python Program to Convert Kilometers to Meters, Miles
  37. Python Program to Find Perfect Number
  38. Python: Program to Find Strong Number
  39. Python Program Create Basic Calculator
  40. Python Program For math.floor() Method
  41. Python Program to Find Sum of Series 1/1! 2/2! 3/3! …1/n!
  42. Python: Program to Convert Decimal to Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal
  43. Python Program to Find Roots of Quadratic Equation
  44. Python Program to Print Alphabets from A to Z in Uppercase and Lowercase
  45. Python Program to Check Given Input is Alphabet, Number or Special Character
  46. Python Program to Check IF a Number is Power of Another Number
  47. Python Check Binary Representation of Given Number is Palindrome or Not
  48. Python Program to Draw a Pie Chart
  49. Python Program Input the Radius of Circle and Compute the Area
  50. Python Program to Calculate the Area of a Rectangle
  51. Python Program to Calculate Area of Triangle
  52. Python Program to Find Area and Circumference of Circle using Radius
  53. Python Program that Accepts Marks in 5 Subjects and Outputs Average Marks
  54. Python Program to Print Binary Value of Numbers From 1 to N
  55. Python Program to Find Sum Of Even and Odd numbers From 1 to N
  56. Python Program to Calculate Simple and Compound Interest
  57. Python Program to Find Factors of a Number
  58. Python Program to Check Armstrong Number
  59. Python Program to Convert Distance in Feet to Inches, Yards, and Miles
  60. Python Program for Sum of squares of first n natural numbers

Date-Time Programs in Python

  1. Python Time & Date | Python DateTime Example
  2. Python Get Current Date and Time
  3. Python – Program to Check the Given Date is valid or not
  4. Python Program to Find the Date on a Next Day if Today’s Date is Given
  5. Python Convert Time in Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
  6. Python Program to Print/Display Calendar
  7. Python Program to find Execution Time of a Python Script/Program
  8. Python Program Find The Day of The Week/WeekDay For a Given Date
  9. Python Program to Print All Timezones using pytz Module

String Programs

  1. Python Program to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase
  2. Convert String Lowercase to Uppercase in Python
  3. Python First Character of String Uppercase
  4. Python Concatenate String and Variable (int, float, etc)
  5. How to Find Length of String in Python
  6. Python: String Join Function
  7. Python String Append Examples
  8. How to replace a character in a string in python
  9. Python – Count Number of Occurrences in String
  10. Python Remove Last Character from String
  11. Python Remove Character From String
  12. Python Program to Reverse String
  13. Python Program to Remove First Occurrence of Character in a String
  14. Python: Remove Special Characters from String
  15. Python Program Count vowels in String
  16. Python Split a String into Array of Characters, Space
  17. Python Program to Swap Two Character of Given String
  18. Python Program String Find
  19. Python: Two Given Strings and Swap First Two Characters of Each String
  20. Print All Permutations of Given String in Python
  21. Python | Check Whether a String Contains Number or Letter
  22. Python: Convert String to Float & Float to String
  23. Python Program to Reverse String Using Stack
  24. How To Convert Python Int to String and String to Int
  25. Python Convert String to List and List to String

List Programs

  1. Python Print List Elements in Different Way
  2. How to Input List From User in Python
  3. Python Add and Remove Elements From List
  4. Python: Add/Insert Element at Specified Index in List
  5. Python Program to Remove ith/Nth Occurrence of Given Word in List
  6. Python Program to Sort List in Ascending and Descending Order
  7. Python to Find the Differences of Two Lists
  8. Python to Find Minimum and Maximum Elements of List
  9. Python Programs to Split Even and Odd Numbers in Separate List
  10. Python Program to Create Two Lists with First Half and Second Half Elements of Given List
  11. Python Program to Swap Two Elements in a List
  12. Python Program to Reverse List
  13. How To Select Random Item From A List In Python
  14. Python Program to Find Second Largest Number in List

Array Programs

  1. Python Program to Find the GCD of Two Numbers or Array
  2. Python | Program to Find the LCM of the Array Elements
  3. Python Program to Find Sum of All Array Elements
  4. Python Count the Occurrences in an Array
  5. Python: Find the Union and Intersection of Two Arrays

Dictionary Python Programs

Searching and Sorting Python Programs

  1. Python program for binary search
  2. Linear Search Program in Python


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