How to Host WordPress Website on AWS EC2 for Free

How to Host WordPress Website on AWS EC2 for Free

Amazon aws provides users with an ec2 instance free tier for 1 year, In which you can host or run your WordPress or any website for free. This is a very easy and free way to run a WordPress website on the amazon AWS ec2 instance free tier.

You can now host your WordPress website with an EC2 instance from Amazon aws for 1 year free. For this, create a new aws account and create a new instance, then install WordPress in it. Along with this, configure the WordPress website with ec2 instance.

How to Configure and Host WordPress Website on AWS EC2 Instance for Free

Here are steps to create and host a WordPress website on Amazon AWS for free with ec2 free tier instance:

Step 1: Sign up for an AWS Free Tier Account

Go to to log in in your AWS console account. If you have not registered with Amazon AWS. You can also click this link and create your amazon aws account for free.

Step 2: Choose Launch Instance

To launch ec2 instance, Simply click on ‘Launch Instance’ button, shows in the below picture:

Step 3: Install and Host WordPress on Aws EC2 Instance for Free

To Click on AWS Marketplace on the left menu, search for WordPress, look for WordPress powered by BitNami, and click Select button to install wordpress in aws ec2 instance for free host, shown in the below picture:

Select WordPress certified by bitnami. After that, automatic pricing pop will be open. So, read it and scroll to the bottom and select Continue.

Step 4: Choose EC2 Instance Free Tier

To select ec2 instance free tier and click on next, as shown in picture:

Step 5: Configure Instance Details

To configure selected ec2 instance type free tier as shown in the image below:

Step 6: Add Storage of Ec2 Intance

To add storage for your ec2 instance, By default ec2 t2-micro provide 8gb ssd, shown in the picture

Step 7: Tag Instance of Ec2 Instance

To add a tag of instance with a key-value pair, Shown in like below given picture:

Step 7: Configure Security Groups

In this next step of configuring Security Groups, you can restrict traffic on your instance ports.

  1. Creating a new Security Group
  2. Naming our Security Group for easier reference
  3. Defining protocols which we want enabled on my instance
  4. Once, the firewall rules are set- Review and launch

Step 9: Review Instance Launch

In this step, you need to review all settings and parameters. Then click on launch button:

Step 10: Create Key-Pair For Intance Access

In this step, you will be asked to create a key pair for login into your aws instance. A key pair is a set of public-private keys.

So, create new key pair and add the name of this key. Then download and save it in your secured folder.

Click on the Launch instances button to launch your instance. And wait a few minutes to completely launch your instance or web server.

Step 11: Type Ec2 Instance Public Ip On Browser

Next, click on Main menu Services => EC2 => Running Instance and find public IP under its details.

Then, type on your browser => http:://ip-address/wp-admin.

Yup!! bitnami wordpress has been successfully installed on your aws instance.

Step 12: Find Wp-admin username and password

On your Instances page, click on the Actions button, then navigate down to Instance Settings then click on Get System Log.

Note that, By default wordpress username => user.


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